UK and European Pet Transportation Service

Pets2go2 is a UK and European pet transportation service, owned and run by pet owners. We believe in caring for and transporting pets as we would expect our pets to be cared for whilst on either a short or long journey.


How do I get my pets back to the UK?

If you dislike the thought of your pets being transported in the hold of an aeroplane, with all the unnecessary waiting around and stress to both you and your pet, why not consider alternative road pet transportation as the easier and kinder alternative.

As a small family run, UK based, animal transport business we pride ourselves in providing a cheap pet transport service, without compromising on the quality of care and service we offer both you and your pets. Our European pet transportation service relocates to countries such as Italy, Spain, Germany, France and Belgium.


Pet Transport For Dogs

All dogs whilst in our care are exercised every 2-3 hours using non slip leads and have non spill water bowls for the whole journey.

A vet bed is provided for your dog’s comfort and your dog/s are fed to your requirements. A fridge is available for any food that needs to be chilled, alternatively dried food is provided. We carry additional bedding in the event of any little accidents.

The compartments are thoroughly sanitised and the beds are laundered at the end of each trip. Toys are kept on board but customers can leave a favourite with us for the journey if preferred.


Pet Transportation Van


Pet Transportation vehicle. Pets2go2


Pet Transportation For Cats

Cats are transported in our compartments or Defra approved travel pens, litter trays are provided in our compartments for longer journeys, fresh water is also provided for the duration of the trip. Again small toys are kept on board but favourites are welcome.

We provide cat igloos for our kittens and puppies to travel in and scratching pads/posts are available. We also provide pet heat pads for extra warmth during the winter months.


Defra PPS2 PTS Logo


Caring For Your Pet

For all of our pets on board we keep a list of Veterinary clinics in case of emergency. If your pet needs medication administered on route this can be taken care of by our handlers.

We have a ramp on board for older dogs who may have difficulty accessing the vehicle.

Crossing the Channel

Based in East Sussex we are within 90 minutes of the majority of ports serving Europe and within 1 hour of the M25. Our preferred route is via the Eurotunnel as this is just a 35 minute crossing, reducing travel time and enabling us to remain with your pet throughout the crossing.

Our journey time for collection/delivery is 24-48hrs to safely deliver your pet. We use two drivers changing every 2 to 3 hrs when exercising our pets, minimising the duration of travel for our passengers.

We have European emergency cover to ensure that in the event of a breakdown your pet will be delivered safely.


About Our Pet Transport Vehicles

Pets2go2 are DEFRA Registered and hold type 2 animal transport certificates and operate to the Pet Travel Scheme guidelines. We only use ex-police animal carrying vehicles, which are fully air conditioned with extract system, hygienic wipe clean compartments, with rear and side opening doors as compliant with police regulations. All of the side and rear windows are UV tinted, ensuring the pets are away from direct sunlight without obstructing their view outside. Our vehicles provide secure fixed travel compartments and a safe environment for our pets whilst in transit.

Your pets’ comfort is our priority, each compartment has piped air conditioning/heating suitable for all weather conditions. We provide beds, bedding and litter trays alongside regular comfort breaks. We can cater for any size dog with suitable travel options available for clients with more than one pet.